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Welcome to the Governors’ section of our website which aims to introduce you to the governing body at our school.

The key role of the Local Governing Body is to provide a balance of challenge and support to school leaders, understanding the strengths and areas for improvement in the school.

Our responsibilities are to:

1. Deliver the Trust and school strategy and vision, contributing to the creation of the School Development Plan and ensuring this sets priorities to deliver the strategy articulated by the Trust in the local context

2. Support educational Improvement by ensuring that the plans put in place by Head Teacher and School Improvement specialists are leading to improved outcomes for children. This will include reviewing the impact and effectiveness of the pupil and sports premium spend, as well as reviewing progress against the School Development Plan

3. Monitor safeguarding outcomes in the school

4. Review recommendations from the Bridge specialists relating to IT and Health and Safety and highlight any concerns identified with proposed plans

5. Engage with stakeholders – examine, evaluate and feedback to parents and other stakeholders on the overall quality of the children’s experience in the school as well as identify, understand and respond to stakeholder’s views and concerns.

Trenode Academy enjoys the benefits of a joint governing body with Duloe Academy 

Meet the Governors

Mrs Cheryl Hill –Chair of Governors

Mrs Melanie Sylvester – Safeguarding Governor

Mrs Jenna Reynolds – Pupil Premium Champion / SEN

Mrs Alison Foulkes – SIAMS and Christian Distinctiveness

Mr Armand Toms

Mrs Mandy Clarke

Mr Richard Patt

Mrs Jackie Hayden

LGB Monitoring at Trenode Primary Academy

As the strategic leaders of our school, Governors have a vital role to play in ensuring every child gets the best possible education and are therefore an integral part of the monitoring schedule. Our roles and responsibilities remain strategically aligned to the skills and knowledge of individual members to ensure that the body has the ability to hold the school to account and promote continual school improvement.

The following monitoring visits have taken place this academic year:

Focus of Monitoring Visit                      Governor     

Data scrutiny                                          Jenna Reynolds

EYFS scrutiny                                         Alison Foulkes

Pupil Premium                                       Jenna Reynolds

Safeguarding                                          Melanie Sylvester

Data scrutiny                                         Jenna Reynolds 

PE                                                            Melanie Sylvester

Christian Distinctiveness                     Alison Foulkes

Pupil Conferencing                               Armand Toms

Early reading and phonics                   Melanie Sylvester

Subject development plans                 Cheryl Hill

Staff well-being                                      Cheryl Hill and Armand Toms


View the following documents within your web browser or download to read later

Bridge Governance Scheme of Delegation October 2019 .pdf
Bridge Governance Scheme of Delegation October 2019 .pdf
Bridge Governor Code of Conduct May 2018.pdf
Bridge Governor Code of Conduct May 2018.pdf



Introduction to Bridge Governance.pdf
Introduction to Bridge Governance.pdf


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Trenode Primary is closed. Looe Primary will act as our 'Hub' school. If you have any concerns or your circumstances change (Critical Worker or Vulnerable Child) contact me asap:
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