Trenode Primary is closed. Looe Primary will act as our 'Hub' school. If you have any concerns or your circumstances change (Critical Worker or Vulnerable Child) contact me asap:
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Today has become a very interesting day and it will be one of those days where I think many of us will be saying, '... I remember where I was when the Prime Minister closed schools'. 

We have all been speculating what might happen in this very strange situation in which we find ourselves, so to some extent, while we are disappointed to have to close, we completely understand why.  It is our imperative now to support you as much as possible in the educational and emotional care of your children while they are unable to come to school.  We will of course wait for confirmation of how we will support vulnerable pupils and those children of key workers in essential positions, but once we know, we will communicate this to you as soon as possible.  In the meantime, it would be most helpful if you could only communicate with reference to ongoing absence.  This will enable us to spend more time preparing quality materials for you to use at home as well as continuing to teach those children who can still be at school until we close at the end of the day on Friday.

In the main menu section of the website, you will find the Class pages.  This is the page where we write class blogs for you.  They now also contain suitable materials for you to use at home.  The material posted now provides enough work to last until the end of term (27th March) and we will continue to post beyond that point.  We are sending a work book to write in for children who are still in school, and if your child cannot be here in the next two days, please use any suitable paper or notebooks that you have already.  Do not worry about any of this and we understand that for many parents who have more than one child and where you have to work from home for example, completing learning with your child will be difficult every day.  While teachers and staff who have been able to be in school have been focussing on the children in our care, the work on the Class pages for this week and next has been provided by those teachers who have been at home.  I would like to thank them for this as they have provided it very quickly and there is more than enough work for all age groups.  Once we are closed for the majority of pupils, the content on the Class pages will be provided by the class teachers.

Please remember that there are many other ways to learn.  Reading books, watching films and talking about them, playing traditional games such as board games, looking for bugs in the garden and then researching what they are, completing jigsaws for fine motor skills etc. are just as valuable as learning experiences.  There are also some amazing apps and websites that can be used in portions of time that can aid and progress learning.  Good examples of these that we recommend are Duolingo and GoNoodle as well as Mathletics and TTRockstars that you may already be aware of.  Please check the content of the class pages daily, especially from next week, as we will add more and more resources over time.  After the Easter break, we will change the format of the resources to give you more choice and flexibility with the learning that we will provide.

We will continue to send you emails and we will use Facebook to highlight new content. Feel free to email us during school hours if you have any questions.  Please do bear in mind that while some staff may be at home, they may also find it challenging to respond immediately, as they may be also looking after and caring for family members. We will always reply as soon as we can.  You can either email me at, especially if you have a general question or comment, or if your message is about learning and content on the Class page for your child, please email the class teacher using their initial and surname followed by (e.g.

Finally, thank you so much for your patience, support and response over this last week.  The children have been very calm, and interested in understanding the situation in which we find ourselves, even if they are a little fed up of washing their hands!  This is a difficult and unknown time for us all, so from our amazing Trenode Primary Academy community, I send our best wishes and hopes that you can all stay safe, fit and well in the coming weeks and months.  If you have any photographs that you are willing to share of the activities you get up to when learning at home, please do send them to me and I may be able to add them to my blog; a great way to keep in touch and raise much needed smiles.

Kind regards
Janine Waring


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