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National Sports Week 

We have had a busy week all about sport linking to National Sports Week.

We have taken part in the Bridge Schools virtual school games where we have completed 5 activities throughout the week and all results will be collated and compared to the other 14 schools in the trust! We achieved some amazing scores so we will keep our fingers crossed!

We also had a day of alternative sports and completed: archery, boccia, capture the flag, lacrosse and fencing. The children loved learning sports they haven't played before and look out for a couple of them during sports day!

Finally, we visited Looe Primary to be taught by a Pro20 coach who did a variety of multi-skill activities. We were very tired by the end of the week but it was fantastic to be so physically active!


WildTribe Day 

We couldn't have chosen a better day for our WildTribe day as the sun was shining!

They used the story of 'The Gruffalo' as the basis of their morning where they went on a woodland adventure meeting the characters on the way. They then made their own dens, making music, playing games and doing a blindfold challenge. They finished the morning by cooking apples on a fire.

In the afternoon they made clay faces to decorate the trees and created mini dens for a toy animal. The children were fantastic working together, communicating well and being excellent problem solvers!


Trenode's Junior firefighter  

We had a fantastic afternoon to end our Great Fire of London topic by welcoming in Looe Fire Service.

We started by learning about fire safety and what to do if we had flames on our clothing (STOP, DROP and ROLL). The class asked fantastic questions about their job and protective clothing.

We then went outside (even in the rain) to look at the fire engine and learn about the different parts in the truck. We finished with everyone trying the hose and even Mrs. Pike ended up getting struck by the hose! When they drove off, we got to hear the siren!

Thank-you Looe Fire Service for teaching us all about keeping safe and also thank-you for what you do in our community!


Jubilee celebration 

What a fantastic afternoon we have had celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. We hosted our event with the local community and were overwhelmed with the turnout even though the weather was not on our side.

We had a raffle, cake stand, British games and crafts and our PTA were amazing as usual with their support in organising the event.

Thank-you to all who came and supported us and we look forward to more events to come!


Fire! Fire! 

As part of our EYFS continuous provision this week linking to our learning of the Great Fire of London, they became fire fighters and had to problem solve to transfer the water from the water trough to the burning fire. We were really impressed with the language and vocabulary that children were using whilst learning through play. They also moved their learning forwards by identifying different items that would put out the fire the most effectively.

They are firefighters in the making! Well done EYFS!


Welcome back to 'Wake up, shake up' and 'Open the book' 

We are thrilled to have welcomed back two activities this week which have not happened since before the pandemic:

Firstly, we have brought back 'Wake up, shake up'. It has been lovely to see the children get oxygen into their lungs and be physically active before starting the day and their learning. Thank-you to Year 6 for planning the routines and I think that even Kilminorth class can create their own routine as we have some fantastic leaders.

Secondly, we have welcomed back our 'Open the book' friends from St Martin's church for our collective worship. They will be retelling stories from the Bible once a month and we look forward to singing and hearing their story next time. 


Truro Cathedral trip 

For most of the class, this was our first trip since being at Trenode Primary and the children were very excited.

We arrived and had a tour around the cathedral including visiting the Celtic cross outside and lying on the floor to admire the beautiful structure of the building. Afterwards, we learnt about the Cornish patron saints, particularly St Piran and then used our arts and crafts skills to create our own patron saint. We then continued our crafts by making our own Celtic crosses.

In the afternoon, we learnt about and dressed up in the different roles within the cathedral. We then led our own procession whilst the organ played.

The children asked fantastic questions and learnt many facts about Truro cathedral and Christianity within Cornwall. 



Over the last couple of days, we have used our courageous advocacy in thoughtful ways.

We have hosted a disco to further support Shelter Box and their provision to the Ukrainians. These funds will be put together with the money we already raised in previous weeks.

Thank you for your support Trenode friends and families.

This week, we have welcomed the lifeguards into school. Their yearly visit helps us to remember how to safely visit Cornwall’s beaches each summer. 

On Friday, we will welcome the music specialist Mrs Butlin. We cannot wait to welcome our families to our music extravaganza. we look forward to see you all there.

And finally… Mrs Pike will be here in the Summer Term as I go across to Looe primary. You will have a fantastic term learning all about The Great Fire of London and so much more… Until September…

Thank you for all of your support and, as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email.

Miss Pittas



A busy few days in Kilminorth Class!

We have had a busy few days in Kilminorth Class. We have enjoyed celebrating Science Week where were learned all about planting seeds and setting up a fair test for good growth. We also went outside to look for signs of spring time (a great link with our RE learning about Easter) in our school grounds and for the wild plants that have begun to bloom around this time of year. We completed tally charts and Year 2 applied their recent Maths learning about Bar Charts to create a bar chart with the information we found out.

Over the next couple of weeks we will nurture and care for the seeds we have planted to see what light and dark conditions do for growth after seed germination.

Watch this space…

We have supported Red Nose Day by wearing mufti and by having a cake sale. We had fun inviting our families into the playground after school to raise money.

Altogether, we raised £36.40 for the Red Nose Day Mufti and a whopping £91.40 for the cake sale. Our mufti for Ukraine also raised £38. All donations being so gratefully received and sent off to their respective charities.

May the staff and children of Trenode thank you for your support and contributions.

Trip Reminder:  Please bring your forms back to the office in plenty of time for our trip to Truro Cathedral next Wednesday.

And finally, Kilminorth Class had the priviledge of welcoming in a story teller from the Cornwall Library Service today. What fun it was to share the love of reading once again with more and more people. At the moment, we are reading James and the Giant Peach in school. It was recommended to us by one of the young ladies in Year 1 who wanted us to read something that her mother once read as a child. We voted as a class and the decision was unanimous. We are proving that, once again, books are timeless and can be enjoyed the world over by everyone; children and adults alike.

What are you reading at the moment? Ask you children to share their love of reading with you. I wonder what adventures you will go on?


Miss Pittas


Handa's Surprise! A fruity day! 

We have launched our new story this week which is Handa's Surprise. As we are learning about a story from a different culture, we immersed ourselves today by going bare foot, walking both in and outside of school carrying our basket of fruit on our head. We had different fruit stops on the way and we tried: bananas, kiwis, mangoes, pineapples, oranges, avocadoes, passionfruit and tangerines.

We look forward to continuing this writing unit with some fantastic writing.


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