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Welcome Back! 

A huge welcome back to everyone!

I hope that you had some giggles with your family and some lovely times outside doing your daily exercise in the rain!

Thankfully, we can hope that the sun will come during this term and the warm temperatures will join it to boot!  We have exciting PSHE and PE activities planned and the ‘Joy of Moving’ Winter Games Pack attached to this blog will provide something a little extra for you to have even more fun at home. (Please note that this is the same document that I uploaded to our PE folder in Teams)

Next week we have 3 special days in the calendar.  Monday brings a special saint’s day for our Welsh friends and neighbours. March 1st being St David’s Day whilst Friday brings our very own patron saint St Piran into our minds for March 5th’s St Piran’s Day. Additionally, we will also celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 4th March so, all in all, a very exciting week for us ahead.

Kilminorth Class can also look forward to a special time where we can put on a ‘lockdown show’ showcasing our poems for each other. Look out for more details in my email.

Next week is also our final week of lockdown learning (we all pray!!). It has been such a blessing to be able to see how well you have grown over the last couple of months.  EYFS children have grown-up so nicely and it has been great to hear about the children who have learned at Looe.  Those online have done amazingly to listen and join in with the sessions. How mature you are! Y1, you have done so well as you have learned very quickly how to listen and take part on a computer. You have taken such ownership and have been excellent teachers for your parents who, in turn, have worked very hard with you this term.  And, Year 2... What a mature year group you have become.  You have worked through and negotiated how to learn through a computer and have grown so much in confidence with how you ask questions, clarify your thinking allow your friends to help you, as you in turn help your friends. I simply cannot wait to see you all in person on 8th March.

Work for those who collect will be available at the normal time. (Monday 8.30-9.00) Please watch out for my emails about World Book Day vouchers and our class poetry performance.

As always, if you need help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or speak to me at the end of our teaching sessions.


Miss Pittas

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Welcome Back! 


Week Beginning 8.2.21 

We Made It!

Wow! What a fantastic term Kilminorth Class.  You never stop amazing me with your resilience, team spirit, kindness and excellent friendship skills.  You have worked so hard this term and it has been lovely to teach you on Teams.  WELL DONE for all that you and your families have done to make this term a success, even despite all of the niggles that may have made the road more bumpy for you.  You never let them stop you trying.  What a credit you are to your families!


This week we will be remembering 2 important things in our weekly diary.  Firstly, we will be recognizing Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9th February with some fun computing activities in the afternoon.  Secondly, we will be marking Children’s Mental Health week with a ‘WIRELESS WEDNESDAY’! There are plenty of fabulously fun activities to keep you busy throughout the day. We will be making a display of all the frolics and fun from the day, so please do keep anything you make and send us some pictures (after Wireless Wednesday, of course!)… In fact, please ask your grown ups to capture all your fun and send in as many pictures as you can.  We want to celebrate all the wonderful things that our mind and bodies can do by including these things in a prominent display in school.

Here is a link that may prove useful to you: 


Please watch out for an important email detailing how we will be moving our learning over to ‘Assignments’ in our Teams Apps.  This week I will talk everyone through how it works and we will have a trial Assignment’ to complete.  After the half term, we will move to this for every session. It is thankfully a very straight forward way of accessing our learning.  I will be available throughout the week to provide the support you need.


Please do remember the PE activity Channel and the Collective Worship Channel in Teams.  I will continue to add to these as the days go by. Do you know of any PE activities that can be added to our class list?  Have you come across any fantastic thoughts for the day or songs that we could use in our daily acts of worship?  If so, please email me.  I definitely want to see them!

Thank you to the boys and girls who sent photos of their Massai Tribe Mud Huts from our Art session this week. They are absolutely amazing. (4 of them used for our blog photos this week)

As always, please do contact me with any questions.

Miss Cathrine Pittas



Kilminorth Class Week Beginning 11.1.21 

Home Learning This Week

I cannot wait to see you all in our Teams meeting. KS1 will have live sessions using the timetable I sent out by email but until EYFS emails have been sorted, please see sessions and activities below.

Please do say if you no longer have your Reading Eggs or Numbots passwords.  Please try to read each day and use Numbots for some fun Maths challenges.

Thursday: English, Maths and Geography.
Reading Eggs and Numbots

Friday: English, Maths 
Reading Eggs and Fast Phonics

Note for Friday afternoon.  Paignton Zoo will be giving a live tour on its Facebook page. Link to be posted on their page on Friday morning. Kilminorth Class, why not give this a go with your grown-ups. Learn all about the animals and their habitats.

Also this Friday, for anyone interested... Buckingham Palace are also doing a live tour.  This is around lunchtime. Check their facebook page for more information.

Be sure to email or Team chat me if you have any questions or if you need help with anything.


Miss Pittas

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Happy New Year Kilminorth Class!

I hope that you have had a brilliant Christmas and that Santa came to pay you a visit.

Our school year is starting a little differently this year but it is okay, we have plenty of time to catch up about our holidays.

Here are some Home Learning Activities for you to be getting on with today. Please try your best to get them done and ask your grown-ups for help if you need it.

There is a Maths and English activity each day along with a Foundation subject such as PSHE, RE or Science and Geography. Please go onto Reading Eggs each day to read and have a go at the phonics activities too.

Please do ask if you have any questions and we will get back to you as quickly as we can!


Miss Pittas

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