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All about China 

This term our big question is 'What is so special about the world around us?' and this half term the focus has been learning about China.

The children have learnt where China is in the world and have been busy understanding the Chinese culture.

In art, we have been looking at primary and secondary colours and using this within sculpture to create our own Chinese Dragon. We have made a whole class dragon which will link to our PE learning of dancing with the dragon which would be a tradition on Chinese New Year.

We have ended our China topic by visit New Peking Garden to sample some Chinese cuisine and the children learnt how to say some words in Chinese and also got taught how to use chopsticks. 


Pop up Play 

We had a fabulous morning with some of our local pre schools joining us for a Pop Up Play experience.

The children were able to take part in a range of role play experiences to develop their imagination, communication and language skills and social skills.

We had a hairdressers, construction site, vets, home area and cafe.


Boogie Woogie Nativity 


The children did an amazing job in our nativity 'Boogie Woogie Nativity'. The microphone was a success so that all parents could hear the lines (Mrs. Pike did have control over the volume at some points luckily, as the children found it very entertaining with the audience watching).

I was amazed at how every child knew their lines and showed confidence on stage. All their hard work paid off!


Looking after a baby 

Our big questions for RE is 'Why does Christmas matter to Christians?' and we have been learning about the Christmas story. As part of their learning, they were to understand Mary's important job of looking after the Baby Jesus.

We invited a special guest into school so Mrs. Lister (who is on maternity leave) came in with her daughter to talk to the children about how to look after a baby. The children asked excellent questions to understand the important role of a parent and we talked about what would have been similar with Mary and baby Jesus.

The children will be doing their nativity to show their understanding of the Christmas story and we are working hard to finish putting it all together.


It's Christmas!! 

What an interesting week we have had!

Our PTFA have kindly given every child in the school an advent calendar to start December feeling nice and 'Christmassy'. The elf on the shelf had also made an appearance and started off by destroying the KS2 classroom. I wonder what they will get up to next?

We also had a snow day which was very unexpected but we loved playing outside at the start of the day on the field, making snow angels and snowballs.

We have got a busy few weeks coming up so make sure you've booked your nativity tickets.


Healthy picnic 

As part of our DT learning, we have planned, made and evaluated our healthy picnic we created. The children learnt about the different food groups and then made sandwiches with healthier options such as brown bread and reduced fat butter. They then made salad, carrot sticks and fruit salad.

The children learnt the skills of chopping, cutting, grating, peeling and spreading.

We invited our family members in for a teddy bear picnic where we tasted our finished meal and they went down very well!


Paignton Zoo 

For the last day of half term, we were fortunate to visit Paignton Zoo.

The children had to task to identify animals which are endangered and critically endangered and they enjoyed spotting these as we may our way around. 

We had a talk from one of the keepers about the Red Pandas and we were very lucky to see them out and about which doesn't happen often.

The children's behaviour was exceptional and I was very proud of how they represented the school. We didn't let the wet weather dampen our spirits!


Trip to Looe 

As part of our big question 'Why didn't Paddington come to Looe?' we visited Looe to identify the physical and human features around the town. 

We sketched different parts of Looe and finished with a trip on the Looe Land Train which took us up to Hannafore to identify even more geographical features in Looe. 

We will be using our trip to also support our English learning where we will be writing postcards.


The Good Samaritan 

Our school parable is 'The Good Samaritan' so we invited Reverend Ben in to tell the story to our class.

Reverend Ben told the story first and then the children used role play to show their understanding.

We have talked about the importance of looking after one another especially in times of need.


Welcome back! 

Welcome back!!

We have settled in well to our EYFS/1/2 class.

We have got straight back into learning for Year 1 and 2 who have been starting place value for maths and have been doing their performance poetry for English.

For our new EYFS pupils, we have been exploring the different areas in our classroom and building relationships with their peers.

We have held our 'Meet the Teacher' meetings this week but please see below a PDF of the PowerPoint for those who were unable to attend.

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