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Half Term Fun! 

Well done everyone for all of the wonderful home learning that you have been doing.  It has been fab to see all of the cafes this week.  Here is some Half Term fun for you. I cannot claim the credit for this document but I think it looks like jolly good fun! I hear that Mrs David’s household will have a cafe and a music festival going in their home next week...!

As always, feel free to send in notes and photos of all the crazy fun you will have.

Have a lovely time together.

Miss Cathrine Pittas

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Home Learning Project

                                                                                                                                                                      Hello everyone!

This week, there are two options for learning from home. Open the Home Learning document and take a look at Option 1 and Option 2. Decide which one will be the most fun for you at home.

I hope that you will enjoy it. Please do send me pictures!  I am especially keen to know how much the children spend when they go online supermarket shopping if you choose Option 1!

This week's RE is the second in the Faith at Home series. It is called 'Courage'. There is a pdf of the resource plus a separate attachment of the story you will need. This is another lovely resource and I am sure you will get lots out of going through it with your chidlren.

Have a fun week everyone. Stay safe. Please email or Class list message me if you have any questions.

Miss Pittas 

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Miss Pittas' Weekly Blog 11.5.20 

Firstly, wasn't it lovely to consider VE Day this past weekend?  It may have been so different to what we were expecting and might not have been as grand-a-celebration as the one we truly wanted,  but what was clear, is that we, as a nation, are adaptable and know the heart of what is really important right now. 

This past week also marks the beginning of a fantastic initiative by the Church of England. This being, as the photo says, 'Faith at Home'. 

The RE this week centers around the need for us all to be supported at home. As a Church of England School, we want you to be supported in as many ways as we can offer.  This initiative really tries to consider you and your family's vast needs. There are songs and newspaper clippings and fun thoughts to talk through with your children.  You may find that you want to join in as well. Please do! The final song on the resource will get everyone dancing - trust me!

This week, there is Maths and English for the children in addition to Phonics (EYFS/Year 1) and SPAG (Year 2) along with Geography and RE. 

Please do give the RE project a go and send me your photos.  The more people taking part, the better it will look when we put all of the responses together. Key Stage 2 will also join us with a slightly amended reflection to suit the older children. And. as I have said, grown-ups, please do feel that you can draw one too. No names need go on the sheets but do send me the photos, won't you!

As always, please do ask if you have any questions at all. or on Classlist.


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Miss Pittas' Weekly Blog 4.5.20 

This week, we celebrate and commemorate a whopping 75 years since the very first VE Day celebration. Over the years, we have seen so many heroes, from those who are recognised publicly to those who silently go about their days completing heroic tasks for all those around them.

During this challenging time, we sit back and are thankful for so many things in our lives. The support that I have seen from family to family over the past few weeks is a huge testament to the many heroes we have in our midst.

The home learning this week recognises the huge milestone of this VE day; giving the children some cheerful Topic activities to complete along with a very fitting Jewish festival called Shabbat. (Meaning ‘Rest’). I have not included SPAG or Phonics activities this week but please do continue to access the Phonics Play website and the Oxford Owl website each day to keep those reading skills going.

Look out for a new email from me this week.  It’s just another chance to say hello and ask how you are.  It is always nice to hear from you and an added bonus to hear from the children.

Have a great week everyone!  Please do continue to email and Classlist message me if you need to.

Miss C Pittas

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Miss Pittas' Weekly Blog 27.4.20 

Home Learning: Summer Term 1: Week 2.

It has been lovely hearing from you this week. Thank you for your emails and Facebook posts. Please do keep Kilminorth Class' spirits up by letting us know what you are getting up to.  It doesn’t have to be ‘home learning’ and nor does it need to look all fancy. Please continue to give us some of your ideas for having fun together at home.

This week, the children have English, Maths and Phonics/SPAG (Y2) plus activities with an RE/History theme all about St George. Please also find a book all about the Corona Virus. Take a look and share it with your child if you think it may be helpful.

Above all, have a lovely week together at home. I will see you each day for story time and do watch this space for the quiz I promised!

Miss Cathrine Pittas

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Hello everyone! 

Just a quick blog to let you know about something that looks SO much fun.  Bridge Trust Schools have joined with The National Trust to offer a lovely opportunity for us all.  Mysteriously, I shall leave it at that...! 

Please see attached information sheet for more details and for how to get involved. 

As always, please do email if you have any questions.

Have a lovely day!
Miss Pittas

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Miss Pittas' Weekly Blog: 20.4.20 

As we begin another week at home, let us first sit back for a moment and give ourselves a big pat on the back.

You are doing SO SO amazingly!

The biggest and most important message we have here at Trenode is STAY SAFE.

If these learning resources can be at all helpful as you try to organise your days at home then please use them in ways that suit your family and children the most.

Don't feel that each session has to be done all in one go. If breaks are needed and learning is spaced throughout the whole of the day or, if your children prefer to squish them into a morning - that's fine.

It is MORE than fine.

This week the children have English, Maths, Phonics (or SPAG if you are Year 2), Geography and RE to try.

If you have any questions, please do ask other parents and myself (as lots of you already have). We are all here to help in any way that we can.

Have a fun-filled week everyone.

Look out for quizzes and story time on our Facebook page...

...coming soon!

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Welcome Back!

It has been a glorious 2 weeks of sunshine and I truly hope that you have had a happy holiday. 

Below, you will find this week’s plans and resources. You will see that there is a file for Maths and English (and phonics EYFS/Y1) that is labelled 'planner'.  Please read these as they will tell you all about the lessons and point you in the right direction for any resources. Year 2 have Spelling and Grammar mats as they have finished the phonics programme. Everyone can share the RE activity plus the Joe Wicks activity cards. EYFS will of course need these reading to them.


Have a lovely week and please do contact me if you have any questions about what you see.

Miss Pittas


For extra resources and fun, please scroll down through previous blogs to find the extra websites.

NB: EYFS and Y1 will need the Phonics Play website this week.

Username: march20

Password: home

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Miss Pittas' Blog Thursday 26th March 

Good afternoon everyone! 

As I sit and ponder what to write in today’s blog, I can’t help but think about all of the things that you have been doing this week as families. There is truly a sense that everyone is making the most of the opportunity to be together. The smiles, the home cooked food (and all the washing up?!!) and the overdue need to really spend time together.

Thank you for continuing to update us through Facebook and Classlist. These platforms are proving their weight in gold right now. As is, might I add, your sense of humour and willingness to have a go at all of the many learning opportunities at your fingertips.

 I am loving the updates about Joe the body coach and can just imagine the giggles rippling through the living room as each family member joins in this daily PE (Including the sharing of all of the aches that come from not being in a PE lesson for many years!).

Other lovely memories of the week include children using the patio stones in their garden to keep up remembering phonics sounds. With so many of us spending time in our gardens, it was great to see some of the wild life you had found. Seeds have been planted in poly tunnels.  Even the opportunities for learning about Maths when moving logs in the garden with siblings or going onto the Maths websites to learn about number scales. I smiled warmly when seeing children saying our lunchtime prayer before eating lunch, learned what a decent poached egg should look like (I can only dream of getting mine like this!) and then the many photographs of children sitting at your dining room tables completing English challenges or making dinosaurs.  

WOW! What an eclectic week!

So, today, I wanted to add to the ever-growing list of websites that offer a range of learning experiences for our children. As the Easter Break approaches, I also wanted to include some fun Easter crafts to accompany the RE sessions your children have been completing this week. (See the attachments in previous blog posts if you are yet to have a go at the very fun and home-friendly Easter RE.) Additionally, I will include some ideas that were given in the paper packs provided at the beginning of the week. (See Facebook for where these are.)I am sure that we could all do with some Mindfulness exercises right now, in addition to the Outdoor Learning Ideas. (Keeping the rules for social distancing, of course!)

I won’t be providing activities for the Easter Break - We all need a well-earned break!  I know that the English poetry will last until part way through the week after the Easter holiday and there are plenty of activities on the online subscriptions and websites shared so kindly by yourselves.

Please do ask any questions you have about any of these things.

Remember that you can email me( and contact me on Classlist.

Have a fabulous rest of the day. I hope that you have fun trying some of the Easter activities over the next couple of weeks!

Many Thanks, as always and a very Happy Easter to each and every one of you.

Miss Cathrine Pittas


Websites and Apps to support with:


Maths and Science:

Top Marks

Dragon Box (paid app)

Bee Bot App for Computing

C Beebies Numberblocks

Explorify forScience

ICT Games (For Literacy and Maths)

Prodigy Maths (Maths App)



Phonics and Early Reading

Phonics Play (This supports what we do in school)

Username: march20

Password: home

Phonics Bloom

Letters and Sounds (This supports what we do in school)

Cbeebies – Alphablocks

Teach your Monster to Read (Website is free but the App is paid... often free though!)

Oxford Owl

Teach Handwriting – cursive practise

Vooks - Storybooks brought to life



Mindfulness and Keeping Active

Cosmic Yoga – YouTube

BBC Supermovers

Go Noodle – YouTube (There are move videos on their website)

Premier League Stars

Newsround (Great news for kids. Interactive and fun.)



Other resources:

The Maths Factor (Carol Vorderman)

Dough Disco (Great for EYFS and Year 1 children needing to strengthen their finger muscles)

Shonette Bason-Wood 9.30 am (YouTube) Dough Disco and Play-Based Story Challenge.

Steve Backshall (nature and natural world)

Glasgow Science Centre (10am demonstrations)

Natasha Lamb (On YouTube teaching British Sign Language)

ChatterPack (Google this... so much to delve into)

Science Sparks (simple Science experiments for at home)

David Walliams Story Time 11AM



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Sunday 22nd March 

First of all, may I say a Happy Mother’s Day to each and every Mum today. 

I do hope that you have had busy little hands helping to make your day as bright as it can be!  In class, we spoke about all that the children could do to spoil you. The ideas made for a very special (and entertaining) day indeed! I do hope that you will share some of the happiness on our Facebook page or on Classlist.

Tomorrow marks the first day your children will learn from home with you.  Above all, it is the beginning of a special journey with your children.  For some, keeping a strict structure to your day is absolutely the best thing to do. For others, keeping the learning sessions short is most certainly the best option. Who decides what is best?  Is there a right or wrong way to go about your day? The answers to these questions lie with what is best for you. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. Use the next few days to get a feel for what will work for you.  Learning at home will be very different to learning in the classroom. An hour’s Maths in school is time taken with a whole classroom of children. One-on-one learning is much more intense and so expect to spend less time in each of the subject areas. Don’t be afraid to Google ‘brain breaks for children’ or to go onto YouTube and do likewise. Remember, there are lots of ways that children learn and the Maths, English and Spelling/Phonics given to you below is not meant to be a definitive learning checklist. Why not try cooking together or playing different board games? Feel free to share your ideas with other parents.

How do the files work?

You will have noticed a lot of files below this post. Remember, there are 3 year groups in Kilminorth Class.  Look out for files labelled up with your year group number.  There is a planner for Maths and English. It will really help you to read the day’s session and then seek out any resources referred to on the plan.  If there are things that don’t make sense or won’t work for you at home, leave them or ask me (or other parents) for some help.  Above all, don’t worry about these things. Do what you feel that you can.

In the next couple of days, you can expect to see the logins for the online resources mentioned previously, a list of the phonics sounds learned by EYFS and Y1 so far this year and more learning sessions such as RE. In the meantime, feel free to browse some of the resources listed below.  In time, I will add more links.

Can I finally take this opportunity to say how amazing our Trenode family is.  You work so hard for your children and are SO supportive.  I am so lucky to be a part of your children’s journey.

With the warmest of good wishes,

Miss Cathrine Pittas

Other useful resources and websites:

Paignton Zoo: Wild at Home Activities

For daily phonics: Username: march20 Password: home

30 day lego challenge (see picture)

World book online have made their collection of 3,000 ebooks and audio books available free for children

‘Oxford Owl’ have made their decodable books free to access online. 


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