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Jubilee Celebrations! 

Party time!

It was wonderful to welcome so many members of our local community into school yesterday, for our Jubilee celebrations!

Our class began in the classroom, making bunting, paper chains and crowns, whilst learning the National Anthem and watching footage from Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, on 2nd June, 1953 in Westminster Abbey.

After lunch, our visitors began to arrive - we had such an amazing response to our invitations and were delighted to welcome residents from the local area, our current families, friends who have known Trenode since the coronation itself, governor's, our new vicar, Ben and some parents of children who will be joining Foundation in September! Our incredible PTFA provided refreshments, games (run by Year 6), a cake sale and an fabulous raffle - a massive thank you to all of the local business and our families who contributed prizes! Some of you may have spotted in the photos that we even had a visit from HRH herself - naturally a photo-booth was essential for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 

It truly was a fantastic day and we want to say a huge thank you to all who helped out, came along or contributed to this magical community event. Covid has a lot to answer for, but yesterday the heart of Trenode was beating strongly and the atmosphere was buzzing!


What a week! 

KS2 SATs are over!

For the first time in 3 years, our KS2 children took their SATs test this week and they took it all in their stride!

With this week being a particularly busy and eventful time for Trenode anyway, the girls adapted to the changes beautifully, calmly drifting in for breakfast each day, full of laughter, knowing that they had worked hard throughout their time with us and that SATs week was merely 'cup final' time for them - time to sparkle and shine and show the world exactly how amazing they are!

Deservedly-so, they were rewarded with a barbecue, bubbles, marshmallows and ice cream - thank you to Barbara for supplying the sausages and the Evans family for the ice cream (which the girls were too full to eat, but will enjoy another time soon, I'm sure!) It is now time to begin to prepare these girls for the next stage in their lives and I know that they will have a very bright future ahead of each and every one of them!

A massive thank you to all our families - not just this week, but every week - your children are a real credit to you and it is a pleasure to teach them and to be part of the wonderful family that is Trenode!


Welcoming visitors! 

Open the Book

This week, we were delighted to welcome back to Trenode the 'Open the Book' team, for the first time since the pandemic began. This lovely group of people volunteer their time to teach the children about stories from the Bible, through drama and song. This week, we heard about Jesus' resurrection and how his tomb was found empty, but an angel appeared, spreading the word that Jesus was alive!

We were also so pleased to fully welcome for the first time since his appointment, our new incumbent, Reverend Ben. We look forward to many more visits and events that we can all share together in the future!


Design & Technology! 

Designing our moving vehicles!

Before the Easter holidays, we were delighted to welcome in our very own Design & technology expert, Ian, who spent the day helping us to learn all about car design, aerodynamics and how we might create our own moving vehicles. We will be powering our vehicles using a balloon, but Year 6 will have the extra challenge of using an electrical circuit and a motor!. 

In the morning, we used the internet to research different shapes, and design features that already exist out there and we chose a selection of our own for a 'mood board'. 

After lunch, we learnt how to shade and create different effects to design four different chassis. After the Easter holidays, we will be designing, making and testing our vehicles. I wonder whose will go the fastest and the furthest and whether this will help us to finally answer our big question, 'Why don't we make cars out of jelly?'


Trenode Scientists!! 

Thermal and Electrical Insulators and Conductors

Just before the Easter holidays, we completed our Science unit, learning all about the properties of different materials. We were trying to answer our Big Question, 'Why don't we make cars out of jelly?'

We investigated which materials are the best thermal conductors and insulators and we also made electrical circuits so that we could investigate which materials would help to light up a football pitch the brightest!. 

As part of this unit, we also investigated different ways to separate materials and also how some changes are reversible, whilst others, such as cooking, where a chemical reaction occurs, are irreversible as something new has been made. We discovered that if we mix milk and vinegar together, we can actually make a type of plastic, called casein! 


Cardinham have music in their veins! 

International Male Voice Choir Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, we were incredibly lucky to be invited along by Sally Butlin, from the Cornwall Music Service, to St Martin's Church in Liskeard, to participate in a workshop run by the Atlantic Boys' Choir, who have travelled all the way from Canada to take part in the 2022 Cornwall International Male Voice Choral festival. 

After some fun warm-up songs with Sally, the choir arrived and introduced themselves. We were then able to join in with some of their warm-ups and then they performed for us. We were blown away by the sound they made - simply beautiful! They sang 'Edelweiss' to us and then a piece by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Our children commented on the incredible range - from very high, to very low notes - that these young men could produce!

Some of you may have even spotted the choir on Spotlight last night!

Have a great weekend, everyone - it's been an exciting and eventful first week back and we have much more to come!


Truro Cathedral 

Truro Cathedral

First week back and already a school trip! The whole school travelled to Truro Cathedral to learn all about the amazing building and also about the very uniqueness of Christianity in Cornwall!

For many of us, this was the first proper trip in over 2 years, so it was an exciting day from the very start! After the coach dropped us off, we met the lovely Rachael who asked us to turn a full 360 degrees and then ask any questions we could think of. (The coach driver had already told us to find out what the 'church within the cathedral' was and also, who designed the building!)

Next, we went outside, to the front of the Cathedral, and we learnt about 'High Cross' - a popular spot for many a Christian pilgrimage! After this, we went to the choir stalls and we explored the statues of 32 Cornish Saints, each holding a different, significant object - St Piran, for example, was holding a small church, to represent the chapel he founded upon his arrival on a millstone, in Perranporth!

After lunch, we explored a painting by John Miller, which depicted a large aerial map of Cornwall, dotted with crosses, to show where they can be found - we tried to find where we are on the map! Heading downstairs, we made our own Cornish saints and then we went back upstairs to learn about St. Mary's aisle - the 'church within the cathedral'! Here, we made our own Celtic crosses and then learnt about the cathedral's font and baptism.

Our final activity of the day, was for many, the best! We got to dress up in the various roles within the church - the verger, choristers, canons and the bishop! We were then lucky enough to be able to process around the cathedral and one of the organists played us 'Nimrod' on the organ - the sound was incredible! (We did find out the second fact too - the architect was John Loughborough Pearce and the cathedral was built between 1880 and 1910, using over a million bricks!) What a fantastic day - a massive thank you to Rachael and also to Beverley, who made the day so enjoyable and informative! Keep an eye out for an upcoming fundraiser so we can support Truro cathedral's renovations of St. Mary's aisle!



Using 'Scratch' to make a quiz!

In Computing this week, we have begun to learn how to write and debug programs, using a programming package called, 'Scratch'.

We learnt about open-ended and closed questions and for our own quizzes, we decided upon a series of closed quiz questions. 

Some of us have already begun to write our programs, drawing from previous computing knowledge, to choose our own 'Sprites', adding backgrounds, speech bubbles and even sound effects!


Junior Lifeskills! 

Learning how to keep ourselves safe!

We really enjoyed our trip our to Liskeard Fire Station. We split into two groups and travelled round a carousel of activities.

We learnt:

  • How to keep ourselves safe around railways and train stations
  • How to carry out basic CPR, should someone have a cardiac arrest
  • How important it is to purchase a train ticket if travelling by train and what some of the consequences might be 
  • Some of the jobs of the Cornwall Traffic enforcement officers
  • What we can do to keep ourselves safe online and how to report anything that worries us or makes us feel uncomfortable
  • The importance of having smoke alarms on each floor of our houses and that they should be tested regularly.


British Science Week! 


This week is 'British Science Wek' and the theme this year is 'Growth'.

We have had a wonderful time, kicking the week off by looking at some time-lapse videos of plants and cities. (If you haven't yet dicovered David Attenborough's 'Green Planet', it is well worth a watch - especially if you like a time-lapse video - and it truly shows how plants are every bit as fascinating as animals, if you just know how - and where - to look!

Next, we discussed what can be meant by, 'Growth' and we produced our own acrostic poems.

Following on from this, we designed our own healthy, planet-friendly burgers, discovering how to make sustainable food choices in order to save our planet.

We also learned how to calculate the age of a shark and aimed to determine whether height is a good measure of pupils' age in our class. Did you know that sharks can live to up to 500 years old and that their age can be calculated by its size, as sharks grow every year?!

In the afternoon, we created some antibody and virus origami to celebrate our amazing bodies. We learned that antibodies are produced by special cells in our bodies, to counteract the effects of a disease, germ or its poisons. Antibodies (also called immunoglobulins) are large Y-shaped proteins that can stick to the surface of bacteria and viruses. We made Y-shaped antibodies!

Later on, we designed an animal that could survive on Mars. We had to decide what it would look like and what it would need to be like in order to survive the conditions on the red planet. For this activity, we had to be creative, imaginative and tenacious!

Finally, we ended the day with some outdoor gym. We thought about different ways in which we can exercise outdoors as well as moving in more unusual ways to keep fit outdoors. We researched and planned our exercise and then used our outdoor space to trial our exercise.

What an amazing week we have had, celebrating British Science week and becoming super scientists!!


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