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Home learning for Friday 27th March 

Resources for Friday 27th March

A big thank you to Helen for the photo - beautiful rainbows which are now displayed proudly in their window, to brighten up the day of any people taking their daily walk!

How many of you stepped outside into your gardens at 8pm last night to join in with one enormous cheer and round of applause for our incredible NHS key workers? We were with you!

It was a very emotional experience, for several reasons: there was a real sense of community and unity; there was an overwhelming feeling of pride and gratitude for everything that our NHS and other key workers are doing for us and also, there was a rush of emotion from suddenly remembering that we are, actually, surrounded by so many people!  

A quick blog this morning, just to pop today's resources on here for you! I have included the 'Helping your child with English' document again, in case anyone missed it the first time.

Have a great day - yet more sunshine to enjoy - long may it continue!

Mrs David

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Mrs David's Daily Blog - Wednesday 25th March 

Good afternoon everyone! The sun continues to brighten our days – I hope you’ve managed to get some fresh air. I was travelling through Widegates this afternoon (on an essential grocery run!), and it was lovely to see some of our Trenode families out for a walk or riding their bikes in this glorious weather!

Is anyone else aching after taking part in the Joe Wicks’ workout? We only started yesterday and yet I woke up feeling muscles that I didn’t know existed! Joe clearly pre-empted this, as he mentioned during today’s workout that some of us might be feeling muscles that needed ‘waking up’ and that in a few days we would be feeling much better! I’m going to have to trust him on this one and persevere – I think the aches will get worse before they get better!

Loads of fantastic activities going on out there – space hopper races round the garden; learning how to make a perfect poached egg; using the patio slabs and chalk to learn letters/phonics; mini-beast hunting; learning how to play scrabble as a family; learning how things grow in the garden and many, many more! Please keep your fabulous photos coming on Facebook – you are brightening everyone’s day by sharing these with us all!

Santa Claus has also written the children a lovely letter, explaining what is going on and reassuring them in his fabulous way – if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Trenode Facebook page.

Yesterday, I wrote my blog in a slightly different way and this meant that the hyperlinks worked! Hooray! So, tonight I am going to share the links from my ‘Mother’s Day blog, which should make it easier for you to find these resources.

Remember, you are not being asked to ‘home school’ your children and if sitting down to do this ‘learning’ is adding to your stress levels as a family, then stop, please. We are trying to find and share as many ideas and resources as we can, to hopefully help to keep life within all our homes as varied and fun as possible, in these very challenging times. Pick and choose what works for you and if you find anything new that you think others might enjoy, please email me or share on the Facebook page.

Finally, one of the documents below is an idea I saw today, for an alternative workout! (Joe Wicks won’t float everyone’s boat!) Credit goes to Mel tonight for the photo above, which shows an example of this type of workout. Follow the link and find your own bespoke routine! Thank you Mel!

Keep sharing the giggles and pop a rainbow in your window to brighten someone’s day!

See you all here again tomorrow,

Mrs David

(Daily downloadable resources to inspire and educate your children at home.)

(A link to today’s workout from Joe Wicks)

 (A full list of Education companies who are offering free subscriptions to families during this time.)

(BBC Bitesize - great for support with all subjects. Loads of videos, activities and games.)

(Free online Maths games.)

(Free spelling and grammar games.)

(Free ebooks.)

(To keep the younger siblings entertained whilst you’re all trying to do this!)




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Mrs David's Daily Blog - Tuesday 24th March 

What a sunny day! Some may see it as a cruel coincidence – being confined to our homes at the exact same time that the sun decides to shine like it has not shone in months – years it feels like!

 Thinking about it, it couldn’t come at a better time. There would probably be nothing worse than being locked in the house, not being able to open the windows, or escape into the garden (a handy extra room, it turns out, when we have all had enough of each other for a bit, which is bound to happen!). So thank you sunshine, for giving us that extra, precious space!

 Also, we are now advised that we can take some form of exercise: go for a walk; go for a run; walk the dog, once a day - thank goodness the sun is shining! So, let’s fling open those windows; do star jumps in the garden; hunt for mini-beasts and look for rainbows in people’s windows whilst on our walk – a new way that people are spreading joy! While we’re at it – let’s put a rainbow in our windows for others to spot on their daily walk!

I continue to be overwhelmed with the positivity, the support, the ‘coming together’ that I am seeing within the incredible family that is Trenode School. You are all amazing. Above all, you are looking out for each other and looking after each other, whether physically, perhaps collecting prescriptions or dropping supplies round to those who can’t go out, or virtually, through the sharing of uplifting stories, funny videos or awesome photos of the creative ways in which you are making your days fun and varied.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our brilliant key worker parents also, bravely working in so many different ways for the good, for the health, for the safety and for the provision of us all – we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

I am so proud and privileged to be able to call myself part of this wonderful Trenode family – I think we perhaps assume that this is how everyone behaves and how all school communities are. Whilst there are many other incredible schools out there, Trenode has something special, something truly unique – it has all of you and your beautiful families, coming together at this very surreal time.

The photo for the blog today comes courtesy of Charlie. A post she shared, entitled, “Day 11 of quarantine…I found a new hobby – toilet paper art!” Thank you Charlie – keep the laughs coming people: 

(Plus any photos of anything that you have been up to today – or share on the Facebook page!)

I’ve put a couple of new resources and ideas below and then please scroll down for tomorrow’s Maths and Grammar activities.

See you all again tomorrow – we have joined the Joe Wicks exercise crew today – we are watching later in the day though, so don’t feel you have to be online at 9am, as his workouts are there to be found at any time that suits you, on YouTube.

Mrs David

(The link to Joe Wick’s workout today!)

(Carol Vorderman will teach your child Maths for free!)

(It’s free! Create stories, games and animations!)

(Barclays bank help children to learn to code using ‘Scratch’ – see previous link to find ‘Scratch’)

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Mrs David's Daily Blog - Monday 23rd March 

Happy Monday everyone! Well, this is all a bit strange isn’t it? I wonder what you have all got up to today? Please feel free to send any photos to my email address:

Alternatively, share via the Facebook page – it’ll be great to get new ideas from each other as the days go by.

For us, we didn’t quite make it to Joe Wicks’ workout on YouTube this morning, but according to Newsround, over a million people did! We shall be there tomorrow morning, 9am! (Mrs David will be joining in too – any other adults joining me?!)

An observation, having looked at the Maths and Grammar mats for today – if the document has 6 pages, you only need to choose the two pages (activity and answer sheet) that you wish your child to have a go at. These are split into 3 levels: 1 star (bottom-left of each page), 2 stars or 3 stars, increasing in difficulty from 1-3. If there are only two sheets in the document, then we have only uploaded the two-star version.

Please continue to read daily, in whatever ways you can (Tomorrow I will upload some reading comprehension activities onto my blog) and keep having lots of fun together!

I have been doing a little more research today for ideas to help keep the boredom at bay. Please see below for some more links and then scroll down for tomorrow’s Maths and Grammar activities.

My best giggle today, was a photo that my own Mother sent to me (see above). I wonder what our own children will look like once we’ve finally had to take the scissors to their hair – only the children of our hairdressing parents will be spared!

If anyone else has a giggle to share over the coming days/weeks, please email them to me so that I can share them on here - humour is going to be so important, moving forward!!

Stay safe, keep smiling and have lots of fun!

Mrs David

Useful links/resources:

‘Tutor in a box’ – find them on Facebook. They are running online Maths lessons every morning from 10am for Years 5 and 6

(Every day at 11am, you can listen to one of David Walliams’ ‘World’s Worst Children ‘ stories!)

(10 at-home learning ideas that hardly cost a penny!)

(Become a ‘Naturenaught’ with The Natural History Museum!)

(Get creative with classical music!)

(Travel back to 1666 and explore the Great Fire of London through Minecraft maps, a video game and an interactive timeline of events!)

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Mrs David's Daily Blog - Sunday 22nd March 

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I hope that even though we won’t be celebrating having lunch out somewhere, that all Mothers are being spoiled rotten – children, offer to do the dishes; make your beds; do the hoovering; give her a shoulder massage – all of these cost nothing but are guaranteed to make her smile!

Right, down to the business of what to do over the coming days. Whilst we know that a ‘school day’ as such is simply not practical at home, some sort of routine will probably be helpful – both for the adults and the children, in order to combat the boredom and to keep our minds and bodies active. Some of you may physically write a timetable for the week and find this quite fun; others might just want to agree on how your week will look.

It is important to remember that a full hour of Maths and a full hour of English etc. will be very difficult to manage. In a classroom environment, the lesson is geared for an entire class, not one-to-one supervision and children can, on average, concentrate on one task for the same number of minutes as their chronological age – e.g. a ten year old can concentrate for ten minutes. This does not mean only a ten minute lesson either – children, don’t try and get away with that one! It does however, mean short, manageable tasks, with lots of little brain breaks built in.

Many of you will be working from home at the same time as trying to manage this, so be realistic as to what can be achieved. If an activity proves too tricky, or it simply cannot be done, for any reason, don’t do it! Find something else to do. Most children in Cardinham will be able to access the Trenode website for themselves and manage their own activities, needing limited input from you. Remember, teachers are not expected to mark work – these activities and ideas are geared to helping you to find new and interesting ways to learn; to keep the fine motor skills used when writing going; to keep children physically active and their growing minds stimulated also.
The exercise books that I sent home are hopefully going to help. The children decorated their covers and were very excited about bringing them home and using them. The yellow ‘diary’ is exactly that. Children, write about your day: What did you do? How are you feeling? What was the best part of the day? Did anyone do or say anything funny? We have learnt how to write diaries, so you know what to do!

The English book is for any grammar, spelling or writing tasks – keep looking on my blogs – I will add ideas/resources daily. Don’t feel you have to print things off – if you can have a look on the screen and then write the answers/tasks in your English book, that’ll be great! The same goes for the Maths book – squares to help with ‘one digit per square’. Finally, there is a Topic/RE/PSHE book. Any RE/PSHE tasks can be written in here plus any other exciting things you get up to!

Please read daily – any way you can. There are many free online books. (See Oxford owl link below) I saw a funny post that said, ‘turn the subtitles on on the TV and turn the volume off – your children will be reading’! There are some fun reading-linked activities inside the cover of your English book also.

Don’t forget your Mathletics logins are stuck inside your Maths books. Reading Eggs and hopefully TTRockstars will follow shortly!

Children, please try and have fun with your learning. Learning is so much more than a paper and pencil exercise. Can you bake something? Can you make something? Can you build something? Can you learn to do something new? Can you learn how to use the washing machine or tie your shoe laces? Try also, to be active every day – see the link below for Joe Wicks’ daily exercise session – 9am on YouTube. So many possibilities! If you do something like this, please take a photo and email it to me at:

I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you all get up to – I’ll use your photos on the blog and may upload to Facebook also, if there are lots!

Here are a few more ideas/resources for you – feel free to email me if you have any specific requests for resources that I can source. (Now that I am uploading this to the blog, websites are not appearing as hyperlinks, unfortunately. If you copy the link you want from below, by highlighting it and then right-click, ‘copy’ and then right-click, ‘paste’ into the web browser bar at the top of Google, or whichever search engine you are using, this will take you to the website.)

Scroll down for some more downloadable activities - I'll be adding more daily!

Missing you all already!

Mrs David (Daily downloadable resources to inspire and educate your children at home.) (P.E. with ‘The Body Coach’, Joe Wicks. Join him Monday-Friday, 9am live on YouTube – The Body Coach TV. 30 minutes of active learning.) (A full list of Education companies who are offering free subscriptions to families during this time.) - BBC Bitesize (Great for support with all subjects. Loads of videos, activities and games.) (Free online Maths games.) (Free spelling and grammar games.) (Free ebooks.) - to keep the younger siblings entertained whilst you’re all trying to do this!

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A big thank you! 

What a week! Firstly, a massive thank you to each and every one of you – families, children and staff! You have all been so brilliant – so many uplifting stories, giggles on the gate and positivity – what a team Trenode really is! I have been incredibly proud to be a part of everything that has gone on and I can’t quite believe all that has happened in such a short period of time.

The children have adjusted so well as the week has gone on – a real credit to you all. First, Steph not being able to come in for dance (sorry Ruby!); then, Mr Montgomery-Smith not being able to do violins on Wednesday and finally, Arena not being able to deliver their PE on Thursday and Friday!

Fear not, we have kept the children very busy, designing their own pilgrimages around school, finishing our diary writing, writing tasty and easy recipes for instructional writing (I will post some of these in due course – in case you fancy making any of them at home!) and polishing up on their measurement and calculation skills.

On top of this, came the sudden dawning realization that for Year 6, this might (who knows!) be their final week at Trenode! Shirt-signing followed (just in case!) and Year 6 made Power Point presentations of their memories, using photographs (all very cute!) and writing a speech. These were shared with their schoolmates yesterday afternoon (just in case!).

A huge thank you to our wonderful PTFA for the Easter eggs, commemorative VE Day coins and delicious sweet treats! Such fabulous organisation and teamwork, getting all these things out early to us!

It certainly has been a strange week, but our Trenode family has not disappointed and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all of your amazing support!

I will be writing more tomorrow, to explain the exercise books that I have sent home and how this blog will continue to support you all with your home learning. In the meantime, have a good weekend and don’t use up all your good ideas on day 1!

If you need to contact me, my email address is:

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs David  


Home learning - Cardinham 

Being at home may bring its challenges and we also know that many parents/carers will have to continue working at home during this time. Because of this, we are keen to support our wonderful Trenode families during this time.

Whilst we are attaching a variety of activities below, we also know that the learning and experiences that you will have at home together will never be forgotten and will bring so much value and life experience to the children. Therefore, whilst we are setting work, we also appreciate how difficult this may be.

Please find attached the documents you can use to support your child. All present children will be given some books to write in on the last day of school. If your child is absent, please provide either paper or a book for them but do not worry too much if this is not possible. There may be additional documents attached to support your child's learning over time.

The attachments will be divided into different areas of the curriculum. For example: Maths, English, RE, PSHE and Mindfulness.

Please continue to encourage your child to read daily, practise their spellings/ phonics and times tables and to use Mathletics and TTRockstars. (Logins and passwords will be sent home.)

Do not feel that you have to print out the activities provided - your child can write the answers in the books.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and positivity. Look after each other and keep checking this blog for updates.

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Marvelous Musicians 

Pupils in Cardinham Class have been enjoying expert tuition from violin teacher Mr Montgomery-Smith this afternoon.

By the end of the session the children could confidently play several pieces. 

Can you find out when the first violin was invented?


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