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Home learning - Cardinham - Week beginning Monday 20th July 2020 

Hello everyone! How has your week been? It really does feel like the end of term now, doesn’t it? Right now, it feels like there should be a thunder storm to clear the air and I can smell someone’s barbecue being lit – a sure sign of a British Summer – barbecues, with the threat of rain thrown in!

Many thanks for your continued communication, it really has been appreciated and it has been so heart-warming and uplifting to see and hear about all the fabulous ways that you’ve been both educating and entertaining your children throughout this past term – you have all made such amazing memories which will stick with you as a family forever!

And so here it is – my last blog before we break up for the Summer, in two day’s time! Below you will find a selection of fun, end-of-term type activities – please dip into them as you see fit – whatever works for you! Instead, maybe you might want to create a sports’ day of you own or even get your child(ren) to put on their own Summer show!

Above all, I just want to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you for your continued support, energy, creativity, determination and positivity – I am more proud than ever to be a part of the incredibly special family that is Trenode – there really is no other place like it!

Have an amazing Summer – rest, play and if possible, dip into the online subscriptions (Mathletics, TTRockstars, Numbots and Reading Eggs) – these will help to make the children’s transition back into school much easier and smoother.

My story continues this week and will conclude on Friday – but this is not goodbye for the Summer – merely ‘Au Revoir’ – please do keep in touch via email and we will keep you updated as and when we have any news for you:

For one final time this school year – take care, stay safe and keep huggling!

Mrs David

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Maths Home Learning - w/b 13th July 2020 

Here are the Home Learning worksheets and answer sheets for the coming week!

Don't forget that the teaching videos can still be found on the White Rose Home Learning website, along with the Friday Maths challenges!

Keep using TTRockstars and Mathletics and, for those of you who have them at home, please keep dipping into your Power Maths books too!

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Home learning - Cardinham - Week beginning Monday 13th July 2020 

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good week – I think we have all welcomed back the sunshine with open arms!

This will be the final set of Home Learning resources in the format that you have been used to. Next week, Tuesday will be the last day of term and we will be putting up some fun, end of term activities on the final blog!

If you have previously requested it, Home Learning will be printed this Monday and next. We will let you know when they are ready to collect.

Please continue to share your lovely photos and don’t hesitate in emailing us with any questions or to share any of your fun learning experiences at home.

Once back in school, we would really like to create a display which celebrates all the amazing memories that you have created throughout this, very different, Summer term!

Apologies for my technical issues – Friday’s installment of ‘Awful Auntie’ is now up and I will continue to post until the end of term – we will finish this story together!

Have a great week; stay safe; take care and keep huggling!

Mrs David

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Maths Home Learning - w/b 6th July 

Hi! Please find below the White Rose Maths worksheets and answers for the coming week! Don't forget that the Friday Maths challenge and daily videos can still be accessed through the 'White Rose Home Learning' website.

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Home learning - Cardinham - Week beginning Monday 6th July 

Hello everyone! Two weeks and two days until the Summer holidays! Eek! You’ve almost made it! Just that final push now!

Well done to those of you who took up the challenge of a TTRockstars battle against myself – it was a close one but you did it!

You won – 2183 - 2087!!

Thank you to all of you for your ongoing positivity, hard work and support – I know it’s not always been easy and we all have good days and not-so-good days but it’s been great to see all your fabulous photos and hearing how much you’ve been enjoying using Reading Eggs and TTRockstars – don’t forget Mathletics is available too!

If possible, and if nothing else, please can you try and encourage your children to continue dipping into these online resources over the Summer holidays – it will really make such a difference when we get back into class.

Please find below the Home Learning resources for the coming week and if you scroll down again, you’ll find the separate blog with the Maths worksheets and answers.

Thank you for keeping in touch – please do feel free to email me any time with any questions and let me know if I can help in any way! We are so proud of our entire Trenode family – you are all awesome!

Over the next few weeks, Miss Pittas and I will be finalising the plans for the new Trenode Facebook group and we’ll keep you informed!

Take care, stay safe and keep huggling!

Mrs David

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Maths Home Learning - w/b 29th June 2020 

White Rose Maths Resources:

Please find below the worksheets and answers for Monday to Thursday's Maths. Don't forget that Friday's Maths Challenges can still be found on the White Rose Home Learning website! Any of you who are looking for a little extra challenge - if you have the 'Power Maths' workbooks, do dip into them and if you don't, they can be found online for around £1.99 each.

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Home learning - Cardinham - Week beginning Monday 29th June 

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week. It certainly was a scorcher! Did any of you get the thunder storms that were promised?

Please find below the Home Learning for the coming week. This week we are learning about music – the Opera House; the Orchestra and musical notation!

Scroll down below this blog to find the Maths resources. The supporting videos can still be found on the White Rose Home Learning website:

Please do take a look at the ‘Faith at Home’ learning resources for RE. There are lots of interactive activities and we would love you to email us any photos of anything you make or do!

Awful Auntie continues this week – Now we’ve met Soot, I wonder what will happen to Stella next!

Please do send me a quick email by Thursday, if you haven’t already done so, so that I can mark off our contact with you all:

Also, please do continue to post your lovely photos on our Facebook page and email me with any questions/queries you may have – I am here to help!

A big thank you to Sophie for this week’s blog photo – you had your very own sports’ day and Summer Fair! I love the look of sheer determination on your face!

Missing you all lots and hoping to see you soon!

Have a great week; stay safe and keep huggling!

Mrs David















































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Cornwall Virtual School Games 

Virtual Cornwall School Games 

This week is the first Cornwall Virtual School Games! All children in school will be taking part across the week and because it is virtual, you can still take part at home!


Across the 5 days there are activities that you can complete to earn points for yourself and the school.  Demonstration videos have released on the Virtual School Games page of the Active Cornwall website to help you understand what you need to do. (See links in document attached)


There will be an opening ceremony video at 10am on Monday 22nd June on the Cornwall School Games Facebook page or Active Cornwall YouTube Channel  (see link on document attached)


Below is the document showing you the different activities on each day and how to get involved. It will be up to parents/carers to fill in the results form each day. Each day’s challenges will begin at 10am with an email sent to all schools registered. We will put this link on our school Facebook page and Classlist each day for you .Results must be submitted by 9am the following day on the specific day’s link so please don’t forget to fill it!


Bonus points’ can be achieved for any of the following and should be added to your total points and submitted through the results sheet.


a.       1 point for every family member and year group teacher who tries the challenge


b.       1 point for completing it in fancy dress


c.       1 point for a communication (video/email etc..) sent to the school or speaking to a teacher if in school telling them how you have engaged with one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning & Give


For more information, check out the Cornwall School Games Facebook Page, the Active Cornwall Website or watch the following video on Youtube:

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Maths Home Learning - w/b 22nd June 2020 

Here are the White Rose Maths resources for the coming week. Don't forget that the challenges for Friday can be found on the White Rose Home Learning website:

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Home learning - Cardinham - Week beginning Monday 22nd June 

Hello everyone! What a strange old week, weather-wise! Rain, thunder and then glorious sunshine again!! I hope that you’ve been able to make the most of the better days and have perhaps been able to venture out a little further this week or maybe join up with another socially-distant ‘bubble’?

Well done to the Trenode children who are attending Looe – the staff there have said how amazing you’ve been and that you have all been an absolute credit to Trenode – we are all very proud of you!

For those of you remaining at home, we are very proud of you too! Thank you so much to all of the adults for emailing us – you have all been in contact and that is fabulous! We love hearing what you have been learning about; where you have been; what you have seen and all the new and inventive ways in which you are making these bizarre times work for you and you families! Please do keep sending in your photos! (A big thank you to Lexi for her amazing lava lamp photo seen here this week!)

This week is the Cornwall Virtual School Games and I hope that you can all get involved across the coming week. It is really easy to get involved with and results can be submitted online by parents. Scroll down below this blog to see the details.

There is one tweak to Cardinham’s Home Learning resources this week. I have changed the Wednesday English. “Hooray!” I hear some of you cry! I have put together a new resource which asks the children to use their Reading Eggs logins for 20-30 minutes (Please encourage your child(ren) use them more than this through the week, if you can, and email me if you can’t find your child’s logins) and then play a game called ‘Crystal Maze’. It is a grammar-based game and then I have put together a list of websites/videos/activities/games which link to the various grammar and punctuation objectives for each year group.

It doesn’t matter what you dip into – just find something that you think you could do with practising on a Wednesday and let me know how you get on. As this is a new document, there are no-doubt tweaks to be made – for example, I need to find alternatives to a few ‘Americanised’ links – I’ll adapt this in time, but please do feel free to email me with any feedback as this will help me to spot where improvements can be made!

As in previous weeks, please scroll down below this blog for the coming week's Maths resources.

Don’t forget that BBC Bitesize have also produced some home learning resources and the government’s online virtual learning platform, Oak Academy, also has loads of fun and interactive lessons with videos attached:

Have a great week; keep in touch; stay safe and keep huggling!

Mrs David

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