Class Blog for Cardinham

An Art Exhibition to remember 

We are here to save our beloved endangered animals! 

This afternoon we held a very successful Art exhibition which showed off some art work te children have been working on over the past few weeks. Parents were invited to come and have a look at the prints the children made using carved lino and layering. The children shose a endangered animal to focus on and researched all about why they were endangered. Money raised from the exhibition will go towards imoroving the schools recycling system. I think you will agree these tunred out great!! 


Inspirational Greta Thunberg 

How dare you! 

Cardinham class have launched their new topic all based around climate change. To do this we have been looking at a very courageous advocote, standing up for what she believes is right, Greta Thunberg. We looked at her famous speech at the UN Climate Action Summit and researched Greta's life. The children then came up with fact files and presented them in a creative way. Posters and Powerpoints were made and plans were put in place to try and raise money to improve our recycling in school 



A Viking Raid! 

This term we have been looking at Vikings and how they used to raid monasteries for more money. The Vikings even visited our class and raided the things most precious to us...our Dojos! We have written diary entries as if we were a young Viking doing their first raid. The class were divided in their opinions on how the young person would feel about it. 'There was a real juxtaposition of thrill and repulse within the raids.' The children also learnt about Viking long boats and researched facts about them and presented their findings.


A great start to the new half term!  

Cardinham class, at Trenode Primary, have had a lot of changes over the academic year already. Lots of new adults to get used to and build relationships with, as well as getting to grips with a new way of learning through Seesaw. They have done brilliantly in taking it all in their stride and adapting to each day. Showing perseverance and resilience every day. We have been learning lots about invaders and settlers in History and how the Anglo Saxons lived their lives. We are excited to move onto how the Vikings took over Britain and will be doing our own writing on Norse Myths and Legends. Lots of the class have also tried their hands in a variety of different sports that they have had little competitive experience in. We have attended football, netball and cross-country trust events which they all showed a real ‘give it a go’ attitude. Very proud of all the children in Cardinham class!


Smiles and welcomes 

A great start to the year. Cardinham class have had a new teacher start this September... Mr Abraham. The children have been very welcoming and kind to Mr Abraham. It can be hard when things change but the children have taken this in his stride and we are all looking forward to a good year ahead. 


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