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Welcome to the Head's blog 

Please visit the Head's blog frequently for news, information and communications from Trenode Primary Academy.


Trust Alternative Sports Day 

Alternative Sports Day

We were invited to a trust event at Looe Primary alongside the rest of our 14 schools to take part in an alternative sports day.

The children completed fencing, mini segwaying, street surfing and ultimate frisbee. We loved how fearless the children were at exploring new sports and showed resilience and teamwork with each other.

Calendar dates next week

Monday-Whole school trip to the Eden Project-please ensure your child arrives by 8:45 at the very latest.

Tuesday-Easter service at St Wenna's church at 9am

Wednesday-Learning exhibition and PTFA refreshments and raffle from 2:30-3:15pm.

Thursday-1:30pm finish for the end of term.


St Piran's Day and World Book Day 

St Piran's Day

On Tuesday we had St Piran's day. The whole school created nets using a 3D template and decorated with all things Cornish. They were creating the boxes to hold the scones that they baked in the afternoon. As well as baking, in the afternoon, we also created a Cornish map using collage and the children decorated their own Celtic crosses. We were lucky with the weather and managed to do some orienteering where the children spelt out something very important to Cornish people "Jam first, cream second". 
World Book Day
We had an amazing array of costumes for World Book Day. Cardinham class spent the afternoon creating animations based on popular picture books such as Alien loves Underpants, Handa's Surprise and We're going on a bear hunt. Kilminorth class transformed potatoes into book characters using their art skills. They used their knowledge of mixing paints to get specific colours and created characters like the 3 little pigs, Peter Rabbit and Rapunzel.

A reminder that it is parent consultations next week.


Busy final two weeks of half term 

We have had a very busy half term!

As part of the annual NSPCC Number Day, we invited the wonderful volunteers in to deliver workshops to Year 2 and 6 whilst the rest of the school took part in a range of activities linking to numbers/maths.

Year 5/6 visits to Looe Community Academy
Looe Community Academy have invited us to two events this half term. One event was linking to languages where the children were learning Spanish. The other event was linking to PSHE where the children took part in a range of activities linking to Safer Internet Week.

School Disco
Our PTFA organised a school disco in the last week. Children enjoyed their usual hot dog, refreshments and tuck shop alongside some dancing. We raised over £100 so thank-you to all parents who supported and a special thank-you to our PTFA for organising the event.

Pop Up Play
We invited our friends from Barbican Pre School and West Looe Playgroup to join us with a Pop Up Play morning. We had a range of role play areas set up to develop the children's imaginative skills. It was also wonderful to see them develop with their communication and social skills across the 3 different settings. We look forward to working with the local pre schools throughout the rest of the year.

Enrichment opportunities
Even though it has been a short half term, we have still been out and about in the community. Kilminorth class visited a Chinese restaurant. Please find below our calendar dates for Spring term 2 with further additional experiences for the children.

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Spirituality Day 

This week, we have had a spirituality day and it was a fabulous day in the beautiful, crisp, cold weather.

We are starting our journey with spirituality where the children are able to articulate this and where we can use it in everyday scenarios.

We define spirituality as:

"Spirituality is not something we can see; it is something we feel inside ourselves. It is about awe and wonder, asking questions and taking time to stop, reflect and focus on the world God has created for us being aware of something 'bigger' outside of ourselves."

Our biggest achievement of the day was starting our spirituality garden. Just some of the skills that were used included: measurement to create a cross-shaped raised flower bed, teamwork, perseverance, patience, resilience, physical strength and creativity and we were blown away with the progress in one day. We will be developing this over this term.

In the classrooms, were looking at managing our 'fizz' (times when we might be anxious, angry, worried etc.) and then identified strategies such as yoga, mindfulness, calm areas, music etc. to reduce the fizz. We also came up with further designs using our IT skills to create a collage of ideas that can be added in our spirituality garden.

A huge thank-you to Kelly Edwards (our forest school specialist) who came in and supported the children with our new outdoor learning challenge.


Welcome back! Spring term! 

Welcome back and we hope you had a lovely Christmas break!

Animation to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bridge Schools
Although it was a short week, we ended the week celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bridge Schools. As part of this, all 14 schools in the trust created a short animation to show our trust values. This was then shared on a whole trust Teams meeting on Friday afternoon where we could watch the animation and hear from each school.

Afterschool clubs
Monday-Wellbeing club through creative arts with Miss Crabb
Tuesday-Eco/global neighbour club with Mrs. Pike
Thursday-Basketball club with Pro20
Friday-Cross country club with Mr. Abraham

Please ensure you email or speak to the office to book your child into the club.

Dates for your diary
A letter had been sent out today with all key dates for this half term.

Upcoming dates are:
Friday 19th January-East Cornwall Harriers cross country race
Wednesday 24th January-Cross country event at Looe Community Academy


It's getting 'Christmassy' 

Open the Book
We welcomed in Open the Book this week who showed the traditional Christmas story. Lots of the children were involved with this and we discussed the similarities and differences between this and our nativity (Boogie Woogie Nativity). 

Christmas Tree festival at St Wenna's Church
A couple of our children helped decorate our school Christmas tree for the festival at St Wenna's church. All children in the school made a wooden decoration for the tree so look out for it at the Christingle Service next week.

Christmas carols and crafts at Hillcrest
On Tuesday afternoon, the whole school visited Hillcrest Nursing Home where we sang some Christmas songs and completed some Christmas crafts with the residents. My favourite moment was seeing a couple of children make a paper chain necklace which one of the residents then wore around her neck. I was extremely proud of the children for representing our school so well and I know we definitely brought the Christmas spirit.

Final dates for this half term
Tuesday 12th December-Christingle Service at St Wenna at 5pm
Thursday 14th December-Nativity production at 1:30pm and 5:00pm
Monday 18th December-Christmas dinner, Christmas jumper day and PTFA Christmas film club (2-4pm)
Tuesday 19th December-Last day of term and mufti day


Aspirations Day and Christmas Bingo 

Aspirations Day
Each term we will be holding an aspirations day to show children about the world of work and how there are many job routes that they could go into when they are older. 

The children dressed up for the day in what they wanted to be when they were older or a job profession in general. We had a banker, builder, air hostess, equine vet and many more.

We were joined in the morning by a air hostess who works for BA long haul flights and the children took part in an immersive experience in the hall where they could see the jobs that they completed whilst on board. We were also joined by a game designer who makes maps for Fortnite and he explained how he had to continue his job as an engineer for years during the day, whilst building up his YouTube channel until he started being successful making maps where he was able to make this his full-time job.

The children were able to understand what skills were required for the jobs but also the person's values such as determination, creativity, perseverance and how this allowed them to be successful. 

We finished the day understanding about equality of pay and completed the Paper Bag challenge to understand how sadly some countries do not pay people fairly for the jobs they do and we were able to empathise with how people would feel being treated that way.

Christmas Bingo

A huge thank-you for the support for our Christmas Bingo held at Widegates village hall. We raised just over £500 for the school which is incredible. Thank-you to the PTFA for their time and efforts in making this run so smoothly!


Global Neighbours -Parliament week 

We invited Sheryl Murray into school as part of parliament week where she explained her role and what it was like being in the Houses of Parliament.

Linking to our global neighbour award, the children, alongside the community, have been continuing to express their concerns about cars speeding past the school. The children had come up with possible solutions and shared them with Sheryl Murray. Following her visit, we have already been informed by Cormac that they will be putting speeding advisers by the school in January which is a real success as this has been an ongoing problem for the last few years. Well done to the children for making this change!


What a way to end the half term! 

Paignton Zoo

The whole school visited Paignton Zoo on the final day of half term. We split off into groups to look at all the animals with a focus of understanding what endangered and critically endangered meant. We are using our trip to support our development of the Global Neighbour Award where we are finding ways to support our world becoming a better place including climate justice.

Dates for next half term

We have sent our the calendar dates for next half term in an email but you can also find them on our website diary events. The first few dates are:
Monday 6th November-School photos
Tuesday 7th November-KS1 Multiskills afternoon at Looe Community Academy
Friday 10th November-Show Racism the Red Card day-children to wear red on this day


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