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Sports Day is a hot one 

It was a searing 28 degrees, but just look at the effort the children put in to having their sports day.  Hot, hot, hot and no shade.  Practice in the morning was much shorter than normal and the children were encouraged to drink lots and store all of their energy for later.

There were the usual traditional track and field events and a few alternative activities available so that all children could participate.  We were very sad that parents could not come along, but there were plenty of pictures and a few videos to send home.  

We are very much hoping that next year will be the big event with lots of extra things to enjoy.

Well done Cardinham and Kilminorth.  Pupils took part in 3 teams, Seaton (yellow), Looe (blue) and Fowey (green).  At the end of the day, Fowey were the worthy winners.  Not to worry though as all of the children were happy when they were given their much deserved ice pops to enjoy after all of their efforts. 


1911 - Trenode then and now 

As part of their big question, looking at history along with other subjects, Kilminorth class have been looking at the history of Trenode Primary School/Academy.  It has certainly grown over the years and it is still not that big today, although it does have amazing field spaces and the most wonderful views!

The Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 children invited one of the older members of the community, Mrs Chudleigh to come to talk to them about her time as a pupil at the school.  She also worked at the school for over 30 years and left only recently.  It was such a pleasure to be finally able to welcome her back into the building with a friend, who had also attended.  The children were fascinated when she told them how the school had changed and how it had been for her as a pupil compared to what they experience now.

Miss Pittas also found some very old pictures.  Mrs Chudleigh was not in this one because it was taken as early as 1911, 110 years ago!  One thing that was really fascinating was how many children there are in this photograph - exactly the same number of children as there are at Trenode Primary Academy now!  The children were very pleased that they did not have to dress like this any more and they thought too, that they were a little happier to be at school than some of the children look in this picture.  We wonder what the school and the children might look like in another 110 years time!


Healthy Movers Day 

I am leaving it to one of our wonderful pupils to explain what Healthy Movers Day at Trenode Primary was all about!

It was a great day, we started off by watching a Power Point about staying healthy. We learnt that a diet is not just about eating healthily. Then we learnt the 4 main reasons why we need food: 1) for energy; 2) to keep warm; 3) to grow and 4) for repair. Next, we completed 2 tasks.

After break, we went outside and did 40 seconds of squats, jumping jacks, ski jumping and toe jumps. Then we came back inside and did a word search.

After lunch, we made and ate: leaves with chicken, mayonnaise, sweetcorn and beansprouts. We also made leaves with tuna, mayonnaise, sweetcorn and pepper in them. Finally, we had a short PE lesson.

As you can see, it was a very busy day and one that made a positive difference for all of the children.


Sunshine on a Beach Day 

We are very lucky!

We never forget that we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful natural environment and as well as the stunning view of the valley that we get from school, and we work hard to ensure that the children appreciate it an understand how to be safe and protective of where they live.

After what started out as a day forecast to be drizzle and grey, we were blessed when the sun shone for a visit to the beach for a day.  The whole school spent the day on Seaton beach with the Arena sports coaches and the staff from Trenode.  The activities included a variety of beach sports, parachute games, art in the sand and camp fire building to learn how to treat a campfire with respect and in a safe way.

The smiles on the faces of the children said it all - to be free of the classroom for a change of environment and then to be able to learn some new skills was just lovely.  Of course, there was time juts to simply be together.

Marshmallows and ice cream completed the day and we had children and staff who slept very well on Friday night!  As for Mrs David's feet - a perfect sun tan 'V' from her flip flops - she wasn't expecting that one at the beginning of the day in the rain!

All of our school values were in action and a prayer or two to be thankful for the blessings of an amazing environment in which to live.  We certainly saw children being able to flourish in hope and aspiration.


Circus Day at Trenode 

Brave enough to try?

We have been working so hard, we decided it was time to have some fun and look at some of our school values in a different way.  Friendship was definitely needed as well as perseverance and resilience in bucket fulls.  What did we do?  We invited the circus to come to school for a Circus Day!

Both classes had a 45 minute 'masterclass'and then had the opportunity to give all of the circus activities a try.

Kilminorth started their day by learning how to use flower sticks for tricks; they rolled them up and down their arms, learned how to toss them to a partner and to do kick-ups with them.  They were very brave and courageous when they learned to spin plates and to try some tight-rope walking.  They also got the chance to try some foot bikes and as you can see they look like they got the hang of it all!

Cardinham had the hard task of giving 'poi' a try.  This bean bag balls with long pieces of stretchy material attached which the children spun around to carry our tricks called the butterfly and the helicopter.  They also tried to hula hoop.  This was great fun and at the end of the day even Mrs David said that she was off to buy her own hula hoop.  We can't wait to see how she gets on!

In their second session, the children had a more free session with a chance to try using stilts, unicycles, a tight-rope (balance beam), ribbons, flower sticks, low balls, pedal-goes and pogo sticks.

At the end of the day the two classes came together to show what they learned.  It was brilliant - so much so that we think it might become an annual event!  The best bit - the children (and staff) didn't even realise that they were learning!


Alternative Sports Day 

If you have not had the pleasure of visiting Trenode Primary Academy before, you will not know that the school is set in beautiful countryside on the edge of the valley with stunning views.  It has therefore been lovely to welcome back some of our external providers over the last few weeks to help us to us and celebrate and use the amazing space that we have.

Yesterday, we had an Alternative Sports Day to give the children the opportunity to try out some new sports and activities that they might not get to try otherwise.  Throughout the session they played lacrosse, archery, seated volleyball and crazy catch.  Once they had exhausted themselves playing all these games, they finished the session off with a whole school game of capture the flag; a game they all love to play.

As you can see, the sun was shining and the conditions were perfect.  It was the ideal opportunity to think about our values of friendship and teamwork.  The children had a lovely time and while we will be able to have a sports day with a difference this year, it was also great to be able to do the same with activities that we might not otherwise try.

Smiles all round!


Blowing Bubbles in Reception Class 

I often think that I would love to be a pupil at school again, even though I have the pleasure of being in a school every day of my working week.  Watching the reception class children blow bubbles as part of their science was exactly one of those occasions.  The children were trying to make their bubble chains as long as possible and it caused much hilarity in among the learning.  We are working hard at school to help the children to use language and words as a way of helping their writing to improve in all areas of the curriculum, so from this work with Mrs Cunliffe the children then found ways to communicate what they have learned.  As well as blowing the bubbles, the children also learned how to make them and made guesses about what they thought would happen once they had made them.  I am sure like me, you would have liked to be there to join in the fun!


Trenode's Champion Readers 

We love to read

Reading is one of our favourite activities at Trenode.  During lockdown, it was a key focus, so much so that Mrs David and Miss Pittas read via video link to the children every day.  It became as popular with the parents as it did with the children.  Our efforts to continue to improve reading have continued since we returned to school and we are delighted to share that all of the children in Key Stage 2 are making excellent progress. The reading scheme we use enables the children to earn a coloured wrist band each time they increase a level.  They are very proud to show you their latest wrist bands.  We are equally as proud of them!  Well done Key Stage 2.


Welcome back to the Summer Term 

Remembering Prince Philip

It was lovely to welcome the pupils and staff back to school toady after what has been a much needed break, with some great weather to help. 

Although we were all happy to see each other, we also felt that it was appropriate to spend some time together to reflect on the life of Prince Philip.  We gave thanks for all that he achieved and especially for the work that he championed for young children and adults.  We also took time to look at the Royal Family and carried out some research using our amazing new iPads to research the family tree of the Royal Family and especially Her majesty the Queen and Prince Philip.  It is very interesting research and there were lots of questions.

Times like these, while sad and revolving around grief, are also perfect for reflecting on the British Values that we hold dear and for thinking about the values that guide the work that we carry out at school.  As a Church of England School, we also gave thanks for the service of Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip.  All that we value can be seen in the work that they both carried out in service for so many years.  We hope that in years to come, some of the children at Trenode will be able to benefit from the legacies that Prince Philip leaves behind, not least the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and the Prince's Trust.

We finished our reflection with a prayer dedicated to Prince Philip, provided by the Diocese of Truro for the children:

A prayer for the death of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

God of our lives,
we give thanks for the life of Prince Philip,
for his love of our country,
and for his devotion to duty.
We entrust him now to your love and mercy,
through our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.


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